Monday, 14 July 2008


Highlights this week definitely being the start of pre-season for my beloved Southend United, which has already resulted in trips to such amazing grounds as Great Wakering Rovers (Burroughs Park) and Thurrock (Ship Lane). OK, 'amazing' is overstating it somewhat. But it's started pretty well, with 2-0 and 4-0 wins in those games - and a 0-0 draw against Canvey Island that I'm glad I missed, after reading the match report. It was only a 10 day wait in between the Euro 2008 final and the start of pre-season, but that was hard enough. It's good to be back on the terraces anyway.

I've been busy at work at Premier this week on Radiothon analysis - which has actually been really interesting. It's basically been correlating what was happening on air during the week with when phone calls were coming in. I'm producing a very cool PowerPoint presentation at the moment, which should be useful for the team when they do another Radiothon. And to be honest, it's just great to work with such great colleagues and a brilliant radio station - so I don't care what they make me do really!

My results for my first year of Journalism Studies at The University of Sheffield came out today, and I got a first (woop woop!) which I was very pleased with, as I had to work pretty hard for it. Much harder than I imagined I'd have to actually - but the reward is insignificant in the long run really, as only the second and third years count towards the degree classification. Looking back, perhaps I should've enjoyed myself and worked less - I could've probably still got a first, but I suppose I'd rather I was further into the grade boundary.

The weekend was brilliant, as my brother got baptised at Leigh Road Baptist Church on Sunday, in a very moving service that was enjoyed by a packed congregation. It was good to get all the family and close friends together in the church, and I was very proud of my brother. I finished off the day meeting with some friends at The Peterboat in Old Leigh, with a pint of Carling in the sunset. Lovely.

Prospects for this week? I've got two days off from work on Wednesday and Thursday, which'll be nice, but I've got two musical engagements which will keep the revenue stream flowing! Then I'm back at work on Friday, although I'm going to see Spamalot with my good schoolfriend Adam - which I've been looking forward to for ages! And it's my half-birthday on Saturday - for those of you who don't know, my birthday is on Christmas Day so I always celebrate it properly in June or July as it's hard to get friends together on the 25th! So lots of fun ahead - and hopefully a good game tomorrow night as Southend take on Fulham in a friendly. But I wouldn't bank on it...