Saturday, 23 February 2008


Nothing quite as glamorous as my last post, but I've had a few other things published since appearing in The Guardian (see below).

"Books clean-up reveals volume of rich works" (The Star, 13/2/08)
"A Rare Find" (Sheffield Steel, 9/2/08)

This story got an outing in both the Sheffield Steel (student newspaper at The University of Sheffield) and The Star (Sheffield local paper). I was in the library of Stephenson Hall, which is now disused, and came across six volumes of a book series over 200 years old. After some research, I found that original volumes of the set sell for up to £2000, so I thought I'd write a story about it. The Sheffield Steel put it on their website front-page, and The Star said they wanted it for their paper, and it got printed with a picture and by-line, so I was very happy with that!

"Uni praised for water plan" (Sheffield Steel, 12/2/08)

Not the most exciting of stories, but it was reasonably interesting and shows that The University of Sheffield is an institution at the forefront of energy conservation (in this case, water conservation). Great stuff.

Details to follow of articles in the latest issue of Sheffield Steel (22/2/08) - “Tuesday Clobber” and “Freshers’ Week Bingeing Banned” and “Whose Degree Is It Anyway”. I’m currently waiting for the weblinks so I can post them on this blog, but you can check out all these stories in this week’s Steel paper, available from the Students’ Union at the University of Sheffield! There may also be an appearance of the “Tuesday Clobber” story in The Star this week.